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– Released
March 27, 2020
  • User Manual
  • 4.2.0
  • Release Notes:

    Major Features

    • [ZP-251] - Export Presets allow easy export to multiple locations and formats
    • [ZP-243] - Add macro triggers for Shift + Macro keys

    Minor Features

    • [ZP-190] - Compress old log files to save space
    • [ZP-248] - Option to always cue sequences to a specific channel
    • [ZP-124] - Macro Actions to load window layouts
    • [ZP-236] - Automatically open new item after Split in Editor
    • [ZP-249] - Remember the most recently used Game so it can be opened more easily
    • [ZP-237] - Smaller border on Preview windows
    • [ZP-238] - Update Playbar to have less chrome and more usable space
    • [ZP-239] - Preference to adjust how much time the Playbar shows
    • [ZP-233] - Editor button lights to indicate when Editor is being controlled - Note: a new v2 control panel is required for this feature

    Bugs Fixed

    • [ZP-241] - Recovery code for games that previously failed to start a recording session
– Released
May 21, 2019
  • User Manual
  • 4.1.0
  • Release Notes:

    Major Features

    • [ZP-40] - File Bin can watch a folder on the filesystem and automatically import content
    • [ZP-115] - File Bin can be filtered based on file names
    • [ZP-117] - More macro actions for file bin
    • [ZP-121] - Macro Actions to navigate list of files in the File Bin
    • [ZP-122] - Add Macro Actions to Set and Clear filters in File Bin and Plays windows
    • [ZP-126] - Export content faster than realtime on newer hardware
    • [ZP-175] - Zeplay can import XDCAM, XDCAM EX, and XDCAM 422 Files
    • [ZP-176] - Zeplay can now export XDCAM EX files
    • [ZP-229] - Controller's Scrub buttons should do 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x rate instead of 1x 2x 3x
    • [ZP-186] - Show warning if input resolution does not match

    Minor Features

    • [ZP-89] - Fade Increment Buttons are too coarse
    • [ZP-156] - Clicking Channel expands the tree and selects the first channel
    • [ZP-182] - Rename Exporting preferences screen to Import / Export
    • [ZP-189] - Monitor C: drive to make sure that it isn't almost full
    • [ZP-191] - Show a warning message when SxHWControl logs are enabled
    • [ZP-195] - Add macro trigger that happens periodically
    • [ZP-213] - Add an optional offset to GoToLive macro
    • [ZP-225] - Zeplay shouldn't allow consolidation of DVCPro content
    • [ZP-228] - BetaController registry setting should be re-applied when the controller is located
    • [ZP-231] - Update Manual with new controller artwork

    Bugs Fixed

    • [ZP-55] - Mark In / Mark Out behave strangely while controlling a sequence
    • [ZP-119] - Better feedback while stopping recording
    • [ZP-123] - Clicking [Cancel] button on Go To Timecode leaves controller in inconsistent state
    • [ZP-179] - Housekeeping doesn’t show all games sometimes
    • [ZP-183] - Error in the editor when accessing freshly recorded content
    • [ZP-184] - Channel selection doesn't behave as expected when playing sequences
    • [ZP-188] - Deadlock while cueing a sequence with an active alias
    • [ZP-196] - Possible crash when executing macro actions
– Released
June 4, 2018
  • User Manual
  • 4.0.0
  • Release Notes:

    ● [ZP-4] - Create a new Installer for ZEPLAY
    ● [ZP-28] - Sequences can be cued to any output
    ● [ZP-30] - Add default window layout for 1080p UI
    ● [ZP-33] - User can copy and paste entire sequences
    ● [ZP-73] - Macro action to open 1st item in sequence in the editor
    ● [ZP-82] - Macro action to copy selected sequence
    ● [ZP-92] - Add Preferences UI to view status of, and attempt to re-locate controller
    ● [ZP-9] - [Enter] key doesn't submit the New Game form
    ● [ZP-50] - ZEPLAY sometimes fails to load Window Layout
    ● [ZP-43] - Show Current / Total index within sequence in Preview window
    ● [ZP-44] - Show description of next clip in Preview window
    ● [ZP-45] - Storyboard shouldn't indicate playback position of sequence
    ● [ZP-46] - Preview border shouldn't change because the player is playing a sequence
    ● [ZP-49] - Push doesn't work as expected on multiple sequences
    ● [ZP-62] - Remove Tightrope branding from ZEPLAY application
    ● [ZP-83] - Migrate Games, Sports and Settings folders from old path to new install
    ● [ZP-100] - Do not automatically switch to a channel when it cues a sequence
    ● [ZP-103] - Add setting to disable GPI for systems that don’t include it (R6)
    ● [ZP-110] - 1080i ProRes Export Results in a Frame-based File instead of Field-based

– Released
January 12, 2016
  • User Manual
  • 3.1.0
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 6772 | Support for Importing and Exporting Avid DNxHD files

    -ZEPLAY can now import Avid DNxHD 145, 220 and 22x files.  ZEPLAY can now export Avid DNxHD 145 files.

    Bug 8338 | User Preference allows T-bar to be enabled by default

    -The T-bar can now be set to be enabled automatically when ZEPLAY starts.

    Bug 8340 | ZEPLAY can import AVCIntra files

    -AVCIntra Class 50 and Class 100 files can now be imported for use in Sequences.

    Bug 8342 | Controller actions allow editor to navigate sequences

    -The Previous and Next buttons now allow Sequences to be navigated in the Editor in the same manner that Plays are navigated in the PlayBar.

    Bug 8381 | Add setting that defines default value for Preroll and Postroll of archive operations

    -Users can now specify the amount of pre and post-roll that should be applied by default.

    Bug 8883 | Refined labeling of preview windows makes it easier to tell what you are doing

    -Streamlined the labeling of the output preview windows.  Among other improvements, the windows now include a countdown to the end of the current Play or Sequence item depending on mode.

    Bug 8924 | Go to Timecode

    -Users can now jump directly to any instant of the action by holding Shift, pressing Go To Live and then entering the desired Timecode.

    Bug 8942 | Redesigned User Interface elements

    -Redesigned several key elements of the ZEPLAY user interface.  New screens are easier to use and nicer looking.

    Bug 9072 | Video glitch when going from slow to 0%

    -Fixed an issue that could cause a visible slow-motion glitch when slowing down in interlaced resolutions.

    Bug 9171 | video glitch when going from 100% to <100%

    -Resolved an issue that caused a glitch when speeding up beyond 100%.

– Released
June 2, 2015
  • User Manual
  • 3.0.1
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 8310 | No number is automatically assigned to Sequences created via Melt

    -Sequences created by the Melt function are now assigned a number just like any other sequence.

    Bug 8378 | Archiving to a slow network location can cause a Video Processing Engine failure

    -Substantially improved the reliability of Archiving to network shares.

    Bug 8379 | Resulting clip from a Split operation has speed set to Preset:100% by default

    -Split Clip now results in a new clip that is set to the same speed as the original clip.

    Bug 8396 | Only two channels of audio are shown on Output preview windows

    -The Output preview windows VU meters now show all four channels of audio.

    Bug 8509 | Media access error makes ZEPLAY editor useless in some re-opened games

    -Fixed an issue that was preventing some recorded assets from being usable in the editor window.

    Bug 8664 | ZEPLAY installer needs to start Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder services

    -The ZEPLAY installer now configures these services automatically.

    Bug 8805 | Video Processing Engine can crash when using 720p video with System Sound output enabled in the Editor window

    -Fixed an error that could lead to a crash when jogging within 720p content in the Editor window.

    Bug 8807 | Editor preview audio sounds garbled in 720p

    -Resolved an issue that was causing some audio samples to be dropped when playing 720p content in the Editor window.

– Released
June 2, 2015
  • User Manual
  • 2.1.3
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 8209 | Outputs don't startup if you start recording with a file loaded in editor

    -Resolved an issue that could lead to confusing behavior when restarting recording while controlling the editor.

    Bug 8397 | ZEPLAY needs to delete log files periodically

    -ZEPLAY now automatically deletes log files that are more than 30 days old.

    Bug 8578 | Video Processing Engine can hang after cueing a Sequence

    -Resolved an issue that would rarely lead to the system becoming unresponsive.

    Bug 8848 | ZEPLAY sometimes drops frames while playing Sequences

    -Resolved an issue that would cause ZEPLAY to drop frames a moment before the start of an item in a Sequence.

    Bug 8923 | ZEPLAY retains old versions of Game file when it is auto-saved

    -ZEPLAY now stores timestamped copies of the Game file every time it is auto-saved.

    Bug 8969 | Storage check for 3ware RAID cards always times out

    -Resolved an issue that was causing the storage validation to take longer than needed.

    Bug 9014 | Sequence percentage display occasionally flickers

    -Fixed an issue that was causing the Sequence's percentage indicator to flicker.

– Released
June 6, 2014
  • User Manual
  • 2.1.2
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 7861 | ZEPLAY can hang when playing a very specific sequence type

    -A 6-item sequence containing varying speeds will no longer cause an application hang.

    Bug 7912 | ZEPLAY sometimes crashes with a COM error relating to TrmsStmpeTc

    -Resolved an issue that could lead to a ZEPLAY application crash.

    Bug 8082 | ZEPLAY needs to update GameFileName variable in Game after successfully loading a game

    -Games that are renamed outside of ZEPLAY will now auto-save to the correct location.

    Bug 8232 | ZEPLAY uses drivers

    -ZEPLAY 2.1.2 now uses the newer and much improved drivers (the same version that ZEPLAY 3.0.0 uses).

– Released
April 21, 2014
  • User Manual
  • 3.0.0
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 6132 | Add to Sequence automatically creates a sequence if none are selected

    -It is not longer necessary to manually create a sequence before adding a play or file, one will be automatically created.

    Bug 8083 | User is able to export an entire sequence

    -A new Export button has been added to the Sequences screen.  Each of the selected sequences is exported to an individual file.

    Bug 8084 | Sequences list is sortable by Name and Number columns

    -The Sequences list is now sortable.

    Bug 8085 | Storyboard shows name of selected Sequence

    -The Storyboard now includes the name of the Sequence that it is showing.

    Bug 8088 | ZEPLAY shows name of current Sequence or Play in Preview Window

    -The on-screen preview windows now include the tags of the on-air play, or the name of the playing sequence.

    Bug 8129 | New Messages UI provides central location for notifications

    -Added a new form that shows progress of background operations such as exporting.

    Bug 8130 | Export window uses more sensible default settings

    -The Export window now defaults to the most commonly used selections: Selected Plays, Only good angles.

    Bug 8131 | Sequences are auto-numbered

    -Sequences are now automatically numbered starting at 900.

    Bug 8135 | ZEPLAY allows user to specify whether or not a sequence item should have a preset rate

    -Items in a Sequence can now be set to have no preset rate.  In this case, the item will play back at the current speed.  You can still specify a preset rate as well which works the same as in previous versions of ZEPLAY.

    Bug 8136 | ZEPLAY can output editor audio via system sound output

    -ZEPLAY now outputs the Editor's audio using the system sound output.  If your ZEPLAY doesn't have an audio output, a USB audio adapter or headset can be used.

    Bug 8171 | Editor window is now resizable

    -The Editor window can now be resized.

    Bug 8177 | Exporting is now performed in the background

    -Once an export operation is started the user is now able to use ZEPLAY normally while the Export operation progresses in the background.

– Released
November 26, 2013
  • User Manual
  • 2.1.1
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 7437 | Crash when adding a play to a previously recorded Game

    -Resolved an issue that could lead to a ZEPLAY crash

    Bug 7542 | Sequence Manual Advance option has no effect

    -Manual Advance now works as expected

    Bug 7558 | Better error when files are incompatible

    -The error message when a file can't be imported now includes a detailed explanation

    Bug 7559 | Support for Importing ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 HQ files

    -ZEPLAY can now import ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 HQ files, in addition to previously supported ProRes 422 LT.

    Bug 7644 | Restarting recording extremely quickly can cause issues

    -Restarting recording immediately after stopping recording now works as intended

    Bug 7650 | Crash when tagging a player by number

    -Resolved an issue that could cause the ZEPLAY application to crash when attempting to tag a play with an extremely long number, such as Home_#9999999999.

    Bug 7691 | T-bar latch mode doesn't work as expected when pressing Save Play

    -Fixed an issue that was causing the Tbar to remain in the Pending state after pressing Save Play.

    Bug 7786 | Crash when trying to delete a corrupt game from Housekeeping

    -ZEPLAY no longer crashes when deleting corrupt games from the Housekeeping screen.

    Bug 7793 | T-bar is always controlling speed in Jump mode

    -Jump mode now worked as intended.

    Bug 7814 | ZEPLAY continually outputs audio while paused in 720p

    -Fixed an issue that was causing ZEPLAY to repeat the same audio continuously while paused.

    Bug 7815 | Frames are sometimes played out-of-order when performing non-blended slow motion

    -Resolved an issue that was causing ZEPLAY to play frames in an incorrect order.  This issue was only present in interlaced resolutions, and when frame-blended slow motion was disabled.

    Bug 7817 | Slow to respond to speed changes

    -ZEPLAY is now much faster when changing playback speed

    Bug 7897 | Stall when playing back sequences that contain items of various playback speeds

    -Mixed-speed sequences now work as expected.

    Bug 7898 | Crash when restarting recording while a clip is open in the editor

    -Fixed a potential crash when restarting recording.

    Bug 7899 | ZEPLAY continually 'cries wolf' regarding AES audio

    -Disabled a warning message regarding unstable AES audio.

    Bug 7903 | Installer is digitally signed

    -The ZEPLAY installer is now digitally signed.

– Released
March 21, 2013
  • User Manual
  • 2.1.0
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 4981 | ZEPLAY can lock to LTC timecode

    -ZEPLAY now supports the Miranda Little Red LTC reader.  If a Little Red is connected, ZEPLAY automatically uses it.

    Bug 5197 | Improve Tbar Latch Mode

    -The Tbar Latch mode now works correctly when changing controlled angles, and in a variety of other conditions.

    Bug 5266 | 'aesebu' should be 'AES/EBU'

    -ZEPLAY now represents AES/EBU in the user interface using the industry-standard casing and style.

    Bug 5314 | Record button should say "Record" when it's not recording, "Recording" when it is.

    -ZEPLAY's record button now makes a little more sense.  If recording is stopped, the button will now say "Record", which should help to prevent some confusion.

    Bug 5965 | Remaining time in a sequence doesn't take transitions into account

    -The time remaining in a sequence now correctly includes the transition length as well as the playback rates of all items.

    Bug 6288 | ZEPLAY now uses version 4.0 of the Microsoft .Net framework

    -The Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 Redistributable is required, the installer verifies that it is installed.

    Bug 6398 | Resizing the Plays window can cause some of its buttons to be hidden

    -Increased the minimum size of the Plays window, it's no longer possible to make some of the buttons disappear.

    Bug 6503 | TrimInPointUp and TrimOutPointDown macro actions can cause a play's length to become negative

    -Resolved an issue in the validation code that was allowing plays lengths to decrease to zero frames, and beyond!

    Bug 6565 | User is able to resize Storyboard and Playbar windows

    -We enabled resizing of the Playbar and Storyboard windows.  They can be adjusted width-wise to your heart’s content.  There is a small amount of height adjustment for the Playbar as well.

    Bug 6578 | Demo Mode should be a button instead of a checkbox

    -Demo mode is now started by clicking the [Start] button, which makes more sense.

    Bug 6649 | ZEPLAY can Archive to ProRes422 (LT)

    -ZEPLAY is now able to Archive to Apple ProRes422 (LT).

    Bug 6652 | Progress bar in Export window does not go all the way to the end when Archiving

    -Fixed an annoying issue that caused the Export windows progress bar to go most of the way to the end, but not quite finish.

    Bug 6653 | Export window "stalls" for a few seconds between each item while Archiving

    -Optimized the Archiving code to eliminate an unneeded pause between items.  This greatly reduces the time required to archive multiple clips.

    Bug 6654 | Export window causes Playback to jump around when it is closed, regardless of if a Melt was played or not

    -Fixed an issue that was causing Channel A's playback to jump back to the beginning of the game when the Export window was closed.

    Bug 6655 | ZEPLAY can Import ProRes422 (LT) files

    -HD ZEPLAY systems are now able to import Apple ProRes422 (LT) files for use in sequences.

    Bug 6707 | Including a slash in a channel name will prevent ZEPLAY from archiving

    -ZEPLAY now removes any invalid filename characters from the filename before trying to save the archive files.

    Bug 6714 | Demo mode now allows .mov, .mxf and .mpg files to be selected

    -Demo mode previously only allowed the selection of .avi files.  It now supports any media file format that ZEPLAY can play back.

    Bug 6729 | Zeplay does not allow users to tag player #0

    -ZEPLAY now allows tagging of player #0, #00, #001 and so on.  Previously, any leading zeros would be lost.


    Bug 6828 | Zeplay can send messages to Carousel RDA

    -ZEPLAY now includes macro actions that allow control over a Carousel system using RDA.


    Bug 6968 | ZEPLAY now supports 4 channels of audio

    -ZEPLAY now supports four channels (two pairs) of audio per video channel.  See the ZEPLAY manual for information regarding AES/EBU connections.

    Bug 6983 | Shuttle mode replaced with fast-jog

    -The loathed Shuttle mode on the ZEPLAY controller has been replaced with a fast-jog mode.  Holding Shift while jogging will greatly increase the speed.

    Bug 7035 | Storyboard should show a text description of each item

    -The storyboard now includes a text description of each item.

    Bug 7162 | Run-time Intelligence using TrackerBird

    -ZEPLAY now includes anonymous metric collection.  Users will be asked to participate on first run.


    Bug 7241 | ZEPLAY sometimes fails to get unit status from ATTO raid controllers

    -ZEPLAY now only reports degraded arrays when the array is degraded.

    Bug 7255 | Macro actions to automate export operations

    -Two new macro actions facilitate automatic archiving.

    Bug 7263 | Add setting that can disable Switcher buttons

    -There is now an option in the Controller preferences page that allows users to disable the built-in switcher.

– Released
November 29, 2012
  • User Manual
  • 2.0.6
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 6273 | ZEPLAY sometimes plays back corrupt audio

    -Fixed an issue that could cause audio distortion on playback.

    Bug 6346 | Storyboard window sometimes unexpectedly resets scroll

    -Fixed an issue that would cause the storyboard to scroll back to the right.  This problem could lead to Paste operations putting items in the wrong spot as well.

    Bug 6537 | Interruption of Incoming SDI signal can cause momentary disruption of output signal

    -An interruption of incoming SDI e.g. disconnecting the cable, will no longer cause the output video to flash to black.

    Bug 6541 | ATTO Raid monitoring sometimes 'cries wolf', when there is in fact nothing wrong

    -Fixed a problem that was causing the ATTO Raid monitoring code to incorrectly report an error.

    Bug 6727 | Incoming AES audio can be interrupted when using certain Analog to AES converters

    -We fixed an issue that would cause the audio input to mute the signal for very short periods of time when using specific Analog to AES converters.

– Released
December 1, 2011
  • User Manual
  • 2.0.5
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 6452 | After several hours of recording, ZEPLAY encoders may drop frames if using Internal Reference

    -ZEPLAY encoders are now more tolerant of slew between incoming video and internal genlock.

    Bug 6485 | ZEPLAY should provide amore verbose warning when a RAID array is degraded

    -Previously ZEPLAY would show an orange indicator for "Storage Subsystem" if one of the arrays was degraded.  Now, it presents a message explaining the situation.

– Released
November 14, 2011
  • User Manual
  • 2.0.4
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 6486 | ZEPLAY Encoder can drop frames when AES audio is used in conjunction with unstable SDI video

    -ZEPLAY now properly handles unstable SDI input when using AES audio.

– Released
November 9, 2011
  • User Manual
  • 2.0.3
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 6482 | ZEPLAY sometimes fails to restart recording

    -We fixed an issue that was introduced in ZEPLAY 2.0.2 that would prevent users from restarting recording under certain circumstances.

– Released
October 19, 2011
  • User Manual
  • 2.0.2
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 6269 | ZEPLAY allows user to paste invalid data into a sequence

    -ZEPLAY will now only allow valid Sequence Elements to be pasted into a Sequence.

    Bug 6272 | ZEPLAY can fail to restart recording if the system shuts down unexpectedly while recording

    -Fixed a rare case where, after an unexpected shutdown, ZEPLAY wouldn't be able to restart recording.

    Bug 6283 | One channel stops updating because of supposed file corruption

    -Resolved an issue where a file was reported as being corrupt, which would lead to playback pausing for that channel.  The file is actually fine, so we implemented a fix that will cause us to retry in the event of this error.

    Bug 6284 | ZEPLAY fails to open games that have sequences with invalid elements

    -Games that have invalid Sequence Elements in them due to Case 6269 are now able to be opened as expected.  The invalid elements are automatically removed from the sequences when the game is loaded.

    Bug 6301 | A glitch in the incoming SDI video while using AES audio can lead to a crash

    -If the incoming SDI video was interrupted, for example, by a camera being disconnected, it could lead to a crash.  This only happened if the channel in question was set to use AES audio.  We now handle this situation and repeat the last valid frame we have for the duration of the interruption.

    Bug 6304 | ZEPLAY fails to locate controller if another serial device is using a com port

    -Fixed an issue that was preventing ZEPLAY from finding the controller if one of the other COM ports was in-use.

    Bug 6308 | ZEPLAY requires AES Audio inputs to be synchronous to the video signal

    -Added a note to the documentation indicating that AES/EBU inputs must be synchronous with the video and genlock.

    Bug 6310 | timecode output out of ZEPLAY is not accurate

    -The VITC timecode embedded in the output video is once again correct.

    Bug 6317 | ZEPLAY crashes if a sequence with missing external media is cued

    -When a sequence is cued, any pieces of external media that can't be found will now be marked as skipped.  Once the file is back where it should be, the user can de-skip the affected elements.

    Bug 6356 | Switcher Crossfade Length gets reset when Video preferences are viewed

    -Resolved an issue that was causing the Switcher Crossfade Length setting to be inadvertently reset every time the Video Preferences page was viewed.

    Bug 6392 | Game names with leading or trailing spaces cause issues with archiving

    -ZEPLAY now strips leading and trailing spaces from game names before saving them.

    Bug 6399 | Channel A can go temporarily out to lunch after ending playback of a sequence

    -Resolved a race condition that was causing Channel A to become deselected after leaving sequence playback, even though the User Interface indicated that it was selected.

    Bug 6412 | Sequences can become stuck in a state where they don't trigger User Interface updates when they are modified

    -The cause of this issue is as of yet unknown.  We implemented a fix that should prevent it from happening again.  Also, when a game is loaded, we will explicitly check for this condition.  If you see this, please try reopening the game, and contact us so that we can investigate further.

– Released
July 7, 2011
  • User Manual
  • 2.0.1
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 6266 | ZEPLAY does not play back audio when the 'Use channel A's Audio' option is enabled

    -We fixed an issue that prevented audio from playing back on channels that are set to use Channel A's audio.

– Released
June 28, 2011
  • User Manual
  • 2.0.0
  • Release Notes:

    Bug 4369 | Ask the user if they want to stop recording when they exit

    -Revised the prompt that the user receives when they click exit, if they are not recording it will no longer say "Exiting will stop recording".

    Bug 4396 | Crossfade when Output A is switched

    -There is now an option that will cause ZEPLAY to do a crossfade when using the switcher buttons

    Bug 5244 | Add Sequences window

    -There is a new window available in the UI that allows users to create, manage and delete sequences.

    Bug 5253 | Add Storyboard window

    -There is a new window called a Storyboard that gives the user a visual means of editing a sequence using drag and drop tools.

    Bug 5256 | Clips can be reordered in sequences by drag-and-drop

    -You can rearrange the clips in a sequence using drag and drop.

    Bug 5332 | Zeplay should be able to use Interleaved audio

    -ZEPLAY will now user interleaved audio when possible.  If a channel is set to use it's own audio, it will be interleaved.  If any channel other than A is set to use channel A's audio, Channel A will be elementary.

    Bug 5365 | Add VU Meters

    -The user can now enable or disable V.U. meters in the general preferences.

    Bug 5370 | Melter should use a sequence

    -The Melter now internally uses a sequence, this means that melts are now frame accurate, and are played from Output A, other outputs will no longer 'hop' around the game.

    Bug 5393 | Toggle tag macro

    -The Plays.ToggleTag macro now works as expected.

    Bug 5570 | Use of a Start Play action inside a macro triggered by "Internal.StartPlay" causes stack overflow exception

    -The user now gets a warning message if they try to add an action to a macro that will cause recursion.

    Bug 5611 | Preview windows are slow to update

    -Resolved an issue that would cause the update rate of the on-screen previous to decrease over time.

    Bug 5635 | Add user-selectable options for Archiving CODEC

    -The user is able to define a codec that should be used for SD games, and a codec that should be used for HD games.

    Available SD Codecs:

    MPEG-2 I Frame, 4:2:2, 50mb/s in an avi file

    DVCPRO, 4:1:1, 25mb/s in a mov file

    DVCPRO50, 4:2:2, 50mb/s in a mov file

    DVCPRO, 4:1:1, 25mb/s in a mxf file

    DVCPRO50, 4:2:2, 50mb/s in a mxf file

    Available HD Codecs:

    MPEG-2 I Frame, 4:2:2, 100mb/s in an avi file

    DVCPROHD, 4:2:2, 100mb/s in a mov file

    DVCPROHD, 4:2:2, 100mb/s in a mxf file

    Bug 5637 | Add default options for items that are newly added to a sequence

    -The user can now set a default Transition Length, Playback Speed, and advance mode.  These settings are applied when new items are added to a sequence.

    Bug 5641 | Add Archiving system that allows users to export portions of their game

    -It is now possible to Archive portions of the game to files on disk in a user-selectable format.  The melter now has an "Archive" button, all of the normal melter settings are applied when archiving.

    Bug 5642 | User needs to be able to set the destination

    -The user can set the destination directory for archives in the general preferences.  The final path will be ##ArchiveDirectory##\##GameName##\.

    Bug 5671 | Error message is incorrect when attempting to load an existing game with missing files

    -The error message that the user receives is now more clear as to what files are missing.

    Bug 5693 | User is able to select how many channels they want to use

    -There is now a setting in the New Game screen that allows the user to select how many channels they wish to use for this game.  Available options are 4x4, 3x3, 2x2, and 1x1.  The last used setting is recalled when ZEPLAY starts.

    Bug 5713 | ZEPLAY should prevent the user from changing the skipped-ness of the currently active item

    -It is no longer possible to set the item that is currently on-air to be skipped.

    Bug 5715 | Skip command from controller should Skip in turn instead of Toggling the state of the next item

    -While a sequence is selected, pressing Shift + Next on the controller will set the next item to be skipped, doing so again will set the next item after that to be skipped.

    Bug 5725 | Controller should get set back to 'Outputs' every time a sequence is cued

    -When a sequence is cued the controller will reset to controlling the outputs of the server.

    Bug 5739 | duplicate files are allowed in the File Bin

    -You can no longer add the same file to the File Bin multiple times.

    Bug 5770 | the play bar can show two mark out points which is confusing

    -Marking an In Point after your currently set Out Point will no longer result in two conflicting points.  Instead, the Out point will be reset.

    Bug 5785 | Minimum rate for clip should be 0%, Maximum 2x

    -Items in a sequence can be preset to play at any speed between and including 0% to 200% (2x).

    Bug 5787 | Add File Bin window

    -There is a new window available that gives users an easy way to bring in external files for use in sequences.

    Bug 5791 | User should be able to set the length of the crossfade on the switcher

    -ZEPLAY can now crossfade between the various angles of replay playback.  A setting on the Video page of the Preferences screen allows the user to set the duration of the fade.

    Bug 5795 | Tally and GPI inputs don't work correctly

    -All of the Tally and GPI inputs are now working as expected.

    Bug 5871 | 2.0 needs a new default window layout

    -ZEPLAY 2.0 includes a new window layout that has all of the new windows ready to go.  The Transport window is no longer up by default.

    Bug 5872 | Add secondary Record button to main screen

    -We added a new record button to the lower right of the main screen.  This way you don't need to have the Transport window open at all.

    Bug 5908 | User should be able to control sequences from the controller

    -We added key commands to select, modify, cue and decue sequences from the controller.  Check out the ZEPLAY manual for a complete list.

    Bug 6133 | User can Cue a Play or Sequence by number from the ZEPLAY controller

    -Holding Go To Live and typing a play number or sequence number will now cue that material.

– Released
July 28, 2010

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