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October 19, 2011
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Bug 6269 | ZEPLAY allows user to paste invalid data into a sequence

-ZEPLAY will now only allow valid Sequence Elements to be pasted into a Sequence.

Bug 6272 | ZEPLAY can fail to restart recording if the system shuts down unexpectedly while recording

-Fixed a rare case where, after an unexpected shutdown, ZEPLAY wouldn't be able to restart recording.

Bug 6283 | One channel stops updating because of supposed file corruption

-Resolved an issue where a file was reported as being corrupt, which would lead to playback pausing for that channel.  The file is actually fine, so we implemented a fix that will cause us to retry in the event of this error.

Bug 6284 | ZEPLAY fails to open games that have sequences with invalid elements

-Games that have invalid Sequence Elements in them due to Case 6269 are now able to be opened as expected.  The invalid elements are automatically removed from the sequences when the game is loaded.

Bug 6301 | A glitch in the incoming SDI video while using AES audio can lead to a crash

-If the incoming SDI video was interrupted, for example, by a camera being disconnected, it could lead to a crash.  This only happened if the channel in question was set to use AES audio.  We now handle this situation and repeat the last valid frame we have for the duration of the interruption.

Bug 6304 | ZEPLAY fails to locate controller if another serial device is using a com port

-Fixed an issue that was preventing ZEPLAY from finding the controller if one of the other COM ports was in-use.

Bug 6308 | ZEPLAY requires AES Audio inputs to be synchronous to the video signal

-Added a note to the documentation indicating that AES/EBU inputs must be synchronous with the video and genlock.

Bug 6310 | timecode output out of ZEPLAY is not accurate

-The VITC timecode embedded in the output video is once again correct.

Bug 6317 | ZEPLAY crashes if a sequence with missing external media is cued

-When a sequence is cued, any pieces of external media that can't be found will now be marked as skipped.  Once the file is back where it should be, the user can de-skip the affected elements.

Bug 6356 | Switcher Crossfade Length gets reset when Video preferences are viewed

-Resolved an issue that was causing the Switcher Crossfade Length setting to be inadvertently reset every time the Video Preferences page was viewed.

Bug 6392 | Game names with leading or trailing spaces cause issues with archiving

-ZEPLAY now strips leading and trailing spaces from game names before saving them.

Bug 6399 | Channel A can go temporarily out to lunch after ending playback of a sequence

-Resolved a race condition that was causing Channel A to become deselected after leaving sequence playback, even though the User Interface indicated that it was selected.

Bug 6412 | Sequences can become stuck in a state where they don't trigger User Interface updates when they are modified

-The cause of this issue is as of yet unknown.  We implemented a fix that should prevent it from happening again.  Also, when a game is loaded, we will explicitly check for this condition.  If you see this, please try reopening the game, and contact us so that we can investigate further.

November 20, 2018