Zeplay Release Notes

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Zeplay Version:
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June 4, 2018
Release Notes:
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● [ZP-4] - Create a new Installer for ZEPLAY
● [ZP-28] - Sequences can be cued to any output
● [ZP-30] - Add default window layout for 1080p UI
● [ZP-33] - User can copy and paste entire sequences
● [ZP-73] - Macro action to open 1st item in sequence in the editor
● [ZP-82] - Macro action to copy selected sequence
● [ZP-92] - Add Preferences UI to view status of, and attempt to re-locate controller
● [ZP-9] - [Enter] key doesn't submit the New Game form
● [ZP-50] - ZEPLAY sometimes fails to load Window Layout
● [ZP-43] - Show Current / Total index within sequence in Preview window
● [ZP-44] - Show description of next clip in Preview window
● [ZP-45] - Storyboard shouldn't indicate playback position of sequence
● [ZP-46] - Preview border shouldn't change because the player is playing a sequence
● [ZP-49] - Push doesn't work as expected on multiple sequences
● [ZP-62] - Remove Tightrope branding from ZEPLAY application
● [ZP-83] - Migrate Games, Sports and Settings folders from old path to new install
● [ZP-100] - Do not automatically switch to a channel when it cues a sequence
● [ZP-103] - Add setting to disable GPI for systems that don’t include it (R6)
● [ZP-110] - 1080i ProRes Export Results in a Frame-based File instead of Field-based

October 16, 2018