Zeplay Release Notes

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Zeplay Version:
Release Date:
Last Updated:
March 27, 2020
March 26, 2020
Release Notes:

Major Features

  • [ZP-251] - Export Presets allow easy export to multiple locations and formats
  • [ZP-243] - Add macro triggers for Shift + Macro keys

Minor Features

  • [ZP-190] - Compress old log files to save space
  • [ZP-248] - Option to always cue sequences to a specific channel
  • [ZP-124] - Macro Actions to load window layouts
  • [ZP-236] - Automatically open new item after Split in Editor
  • [ZP-249] - Remember the most recently used Game so it can be opened more easily
  • [ZP-237] - Smaller border on Preview windows
  • [ZP-238] - Update Playbar to have less chrome and more usable space
  • [ZP-239] - Preference to adjust how much time the Playbar shows
  • [ZP-233] - Editor button lights to indicate when Editor is being controlled - Note: a new v2 control panel is required for this feature

Bugs Fixed

  • [ZP-241] - Recovery code for games that previously failed to start a recording session
Macro Commands