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January 12, 2016
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Bug 6772 | Support for Importing and Exporting Avid DNxHD files

-ZEPLAY can now import Avid DNxHD 145, 220 and 22x files.  ZEPLAY can now export Avid DNxHD 145 files.

Bug 8338 | User Preference allows T-bar to be enabled by default

-The T-bar can now be set to be enabled automatically when ZEPLAY starts.

Bug 8340 | ZEPLAY can import AVCIntra files

-AVCIntra Class 50 and Class 100 files can now be imported for use in Sequences.

Bug 8342 | Controller actions allow editor to navigate sequences

-The Previous and Next buttons now allow Sequences to be navigated in the Editor in the same manner that Plays are navigated in the PlayBar.

Bug 8381 | Add setting that defines default value for Preroll and Postroll of archive operations

-Users can now specify the amount of pre and post-roll that should be applied by default.

Bug 8883 | Refined labeling of preview windows makes it easier to tell what you are doing

-Streamlined the labeling of the output preview windows.  Among other improvements, the windows now include a countdown to the end of the current Play or Sequence item depending on mode.

Bug 8924 | Go to Timecode

-Users can now jump directly to any instant of the action by holding Shift, pressing Go To Live and then entering the desired Timecode.

Bug 8942 | Redesigned User Interface elements

-Redesigned several key elements of the ZEPLAY user interface.  New screens are easier to use and nicer looking.

Bug 9072 | Video glitch when going from slow to 0%

-Fixed an issue that could cause a visible slow-motion glitch when slowing down in interlaced resolutions.

Bug 9171 | video glitch when going from 100% to <100%

-Resolved an issue that caused a glitch when speeding up beyond 100%.

November 20, 2018