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June 28, 2011
Release Notes:
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Bug 4369 | Ask the user if they want to stop recording when they exit

-Revised the prompt that the user receives when they click exit, if they are not recording it will no longer say "Exiting will stop recording".

Bug 4396 | Crossfade when Output A is switched

-There is now an option that will cause ZEPLAY to do a crossfade when using the switcher buttons

Bug 5244 | Add Sequences window

-There is a new window available in the UI that allows users to create, manage and delete sequences.

Bug 5253 | Add Storyboard window

-There is a new window called a Storyboard that gives the user a visual means of editing a sequence using drag and drop tools.

Bug 5256 | Clips can be reordered in sequences by drag-and-drop

-You can rearrange the clips in a sequence using drag and drop.

Bug 5332 | Zeplay should be able to use Interleaved audio

-ZEPLAY will now user interleaved audio when possible.  If a channel is set to use it's own audio, it will be interleaved.  If any channel other than A is set to use channel A's audio, Channel A will be elementary.

Bug 5365 | Add VU Meters

-The user can now enable or disable V.U. meters in the general preferences.

Bug 5370 | Melter should use a sequence

-The Melter now internally uses a sequence, this means that melts are now frame accurate, and are played from Output A, other outputs will no longer 'hop' around the game.

Bug 5393 | Toggle tag macro

-The Plays.ToggleTag macro now works as expected.

Bug 5570 | Use of a Start Play action inside a macro triggered by "Internal.StartPlay" causes stack overflow exception

-The user now gets a warning message if they try to add an action to a macro that will cause recursion.

Bug 5611 | Preview windows are slow to update

-Resolved an issue that would cause the update rate of the on-screen previous to decrease over time.

Bug 5635 | Add user-selectable options for Archiving CODEC

-The user is able to define a codec that should be used for SD games, and a codec that should be used for HD games.

Available SD Codecs:

MPEG-2 I Frame, 4:2:2, 50mb/s in an avi file

DVCPRO, 4:1:1, 25mb/s in a mov file

DVCPRO50, 4:2:2, 50mb/s in a mov file

DVCPRO, 4:1:1, 25mb/s in a mxf file

DVCPRO50, 4:2:2, 50mb/s in a mxf file

Available HD Codecs:

MPEG-2 I Frame, 4:2:2, 100mb/s in an avi file

DVCPROHD, 4:2:2, 100mb/s in a mov file

DVCPROHD, 4:2:2, 100mb/s in a mxf file

Bug 5637 | Add default options for items that are newly added to a sequence

-The user can now set a default Transition Length, Playback Speed, and advance mode.  These settings are applied when new items are added to a sequence.

Bug 5641 | Add Archiving system that allows users to export portions of their game

-It is now possible to Archive portions of the game to files on disk in a user-selectable format.  The melter now has an "Archive" button, all of the normal melter settings are applied when archiving.

Bug 5642 | User needs to be able to set the destination

-The user can set the destination directory for archives in the general preferences.  The final path will be ##ArchiveDirectory##\##GameName##\.

Bug 5671 | Error message is incorrect when attempting to load an existing game with missing files

-The error message that the user receives is now more clear as to what files are missing.

Bug 5693 | User is able to select how many channels they want to use

-There is now a setting in the New Game screen that allows the user to select how many channels they wish to use for this game.  Available options are 4x4, 3x3, 2x2, and 1x1.  The last used setting is recalled when ZEPLAY starts.

Bug 5713 | ZEPLAY should prevent the user from changing the skipped-ness of the currently active item

-It is no longer possible to set the item that is currently on-air to be skipped.

Bug 5715 | Skip command from controller should Skip in turn instead of Toggling the state of the next item

-While a sequence is selected, pressing Shift + Next on the controller will set the next item to be skipped, doing so again will set the next item after that to be skipped.

Bug 5725 | Controller should get set back to 'Outputs' every time a sequence is cued

-When a sequence is cued the controller will reset to controlling the outputs of the server.

Bug 5739 | duplicate files are allowed in the File Bin

-You can no longer add the same file to the File Bin multiple times.

Bug 5770 | the play bar can show two mark out points which is confusing

-Marking an In Point after your currently set Out Point will no longer result in two conflicting points.  Instead, the Out point will be reset.

Bug 5785 | Minimum rate for clip should be 0%, Maximum 2x

-Items in a sequence can be preset to play at any speed between and including 0% to 200% (2x).

Bug 5787 | Add File Bin window

-There is a new window available that gives users an easy way to bring in external files for use in sequences.

Bug 5791 | User should be able to set the length of the crossfade on the switcher

-ZEPLAY can now crossfade between the various angles of replay playback.  A setting on the Video page of the Preferences screen allows the user to set the duration of the fade.

Bug 5795 | Tally and GPI inputs don't work correctly

-All of the Tally and GPI inputs are now working as expected.

Bug 5871 | 2.0 needs a new default window layout

-ZEPLAY 2.0 includes a new window layout that has all of the new windows ready to go.  The Transport window is no longer up by default.

Bug 5872 | Add secondary Record button to main screen

-We added a new record button to the lower right of the main screen.  This way you don't need to have the Transport window open at all.

Bug 5908 | User should be able to control sequences from the controller

-We added key commands to select, modify, cue and decue sequences from the controller.  Check out the ZEPLAY manual for a complete list.

Bug 6133 | User can Cue a Play or Sequence by number from the ZEPLAY controller

-Holding Go To Live and typing a play number or sequence number will now cue that material.

November 20, 2018