If you were designing your own replay system, what would you aim for? Would you want it to be fast? Reliable? Would you want something that was efficient and intuitive, so that your operators could comfortably handle more angles than ever before? You would need melts and the ability to build highlight packages. What about something that was durable enough for OB trucks and didn't blow the budget?

If that sounds about right to you, then welcome to ZEPLAY.

ZEPLAY is a 4RU beast. It's always recording four SD or HD angles of action while it's playing them back. There is enough storage to record 20 hours of each angle in full 1080i 4:2:2 resolution. The 42 key controller with t-bar and jog/shuttle control gives you power at your finger-tips. There are no wasted steps when getting your replays to the TD. Simply cue and go, without rendering, sequence building or worrying about a guard-band. Give ZEPLAY tally and wire its 12 GPIs and 16 GPOs and you've got everything that you need to automate it, using a macro system that is begging to be tied to your production switcher. 

Nothing stops ZEPLAY from recording four synchronized angles of action. Whether you've got intermittent sync loss, you're archiving clips to AVID, Premiere Pro or Final Cut, or building packages with ZEPLAY's sequence editor, it's always playing four smooth angles of action at any speed from -64x to +64x. ZEPLAY even handles total power loss with grace, giving you back the action and clips that you marked; ready to resume recording, right where you dropped off.


• server
• controller
• domestic onsite commissioning
• available through authorized integrators



7 x 19 x 20.5 inches (17.75 x 48.25 x 52 cm)


≈ 50 lbs. (22.75 kg)


650 watt, 80+, High Efficiency


4TB SSD Removable, 256GB RAID 1 NVMe System

Operating System:

Windows 10 x64 LTSB

Capacity (hours):

20 / 40 Approximate Hours Per Channel (HD / SD)
80 / 160 Approximate Hours Total


Record & Import/Export:
SD: AVI (MPEG-2 I-Frame 4:2:2 50 mbps, 4 channels 48Khz PCM) HD: AVI (MPEG-2 I-Frame 4:2:2 100 mbps, 4 channels 48Khz PCM)
SD: AVI, DVCPRO 25 & 50 (mov, mxf), MPEG 2 I Frame 50 mbps
HD: AVI, DVCPROHD 100mbps (mov, mxf)


Minimum Latency: 10 frames
T-Bar: +/- 200% with adjustable frame blending
Shuttle: +/- 64x


T-Bar, Jog/Shuttle, 42 keys, RS-422 (Cat5) control, 12v 4-pin power supply included


Multiviewer: live inputs, outputs, editor, sequencer, play bar, play list, etc.


12 inputs + 4 dedicated tally inputs
16 outputs, macro programmable


4 HD / SD-SDI with Embedded Audio, 4 4-channel AES/EBU


4 HD / SD SDI with Embedded Audio, 4 4-Channel AES/EBU

Video Formats:

SD: 480i / 59.94 4:3 & 16:9, 576i / 50 4:3 & 16:9
HD: 720p / 59.94 & 50, 1080i / 59.94 & 50