Introduction to Zeplay

Are you new to Zeplay? Watch these short videos to get an overview of Zeplay, a fast, affordable and easy to use Instant Replay system for live sports production.

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Zeplay R7 Server

The Zeplay R7

The Zeplay R7 server is the latest in a long line of purpose built instant replay servers. These aren't general purpose video servers with a control panel tacked on, Zeplay was build with one goal: deliver awesome instant replays for live sports production.

More on the Zeplay R7

Mission Statement:

"Build a replay system that's fast, affordable, and reliable.
And, make it powerful enough for pros
but easy enough for students and first-time users. "

Want to give your existing server a turbo boost? Get in touch! We have hardware upgrade options that you'll love.

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Zeplay is a professional Instant Replay System designed for live sports production.

It is used every day around the globe.

From high school sports,

to professional sports,

To everything in between.

Your Stories

Lucas Oil Production Studios

Stafford said he learned how to use the system in about 45 minutes. “It’s really not a complicated system to operate, and we can train new operators to use the system on very short notice. The learning curve is unusually fast,” he noted. “I think the biggest thing that came with our Zeplay is the customer support. I have not found a better customer support company.”
- Shawn Stafford, Technical Operations Manager for Lucas Oil Production Studios

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North Texas Athletics

“One of the features I love most is that you can export sequences while still recording... If a local TV station needs a highlight package but the game isn’t over yet, we can create it for them while still recording, so we don’t miss even a moment of action.”
-Jaime Livas, Director of Digital Media for North Texas Athletics

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North Texas Logo

Northwestern University

“We use professionals for big games, but student operators trained on Zeplay are up and running in about an hour... Zeplay is also the most robust and reliable replay system we have used. We had performance issues with our previous system, which caused many headaches. We are confident we have what we need for highlights every game, as well as repurposed content to present on our website.”
- Rob Coons, Senior Director of Broadcast Operations for
Northwestern University Athletics

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University of Florida

“Zeplay offers a lot of flexibility based on the project size and budget. We rely heavily on the system for the fan experience, and I am astounded by how quickly we can produce multiple replays. We can fire off a replay even as our opponent heads back down the basketball court. It is the meat and potatoes of our system.”
-Brad Noblitt, Director of Engineering for University of Florida’s
College of Journalism and Communications

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Gator Vision Logo
CreaTV San Jose Logo

CreaTV San Jose Truck

"We use Zeplay's sequence editor, which is essentially an NLE built right into the User Interface, to assemble the highlights package, complete with multiple speeds and transitions, right there in the van as the action is happening.”
-Justin Cowgill, Director of Facilities and Technology for CreaTV

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2011 TV Technology Star Award

Zeplay's 2011 STAR Award

"STAR awards are given to interesting new products that help a user save money or accomplish a task in an easier way... The products selected help advance the industry----some were chosen because of technical novelty or innovation, some because they filled an important gap in the production or transmission chain, and some because they were just cool products.”
- Mark Hallinger, Editor of TV Technology Europe

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