Meet Zeplay!

The best instant replay server for live sports production.
We built Zeplay to be lightning fast, rock-solid reliable, and amazingly simple to use.

Zeplay is lovingly built for excellent instant replays

Zeplay is a turn-key product; with our custom software on a purpose-built server. Here are a few of the great features:


4x4 means that you can always see every input and output, so you can do more replays

Play Bar

Monitor the position of all playback channels at a glance

Background Export

Export replay angles and sequences in the background, so you can keep working


You can build sequences and play them on any output channel


The Editor is a virtual playback channel, so you can work on a sequence without needing to cue it on-air

Multi Format

Zeplay can natively play various codecs, so you don't need to transcode


Customizable multiviewer puts all inputs, outputs and information on one screen


Build simple or complex macros to automate repetitive tasks

Zeplay R7 Server

The Zeplay R7. Smaller, faster and more affordable than ever!

The Zeplay R7 server is the latest in a long line of purpose built instant replay servers. These aren't general purpose video servers with a control panel tacked on, Zeplay was build with one goal: deliver awesome instant replays for live sports production.

Zeplay R7 Specifications
Zeplay R7 In The News

Control Panel Included.
Easy to use, rapid control at your fingertips

Every Zeplay server includes a custom control panel which enables easy control without fumbling with a mouse and keyboard. Two programmable Macro keys allow you to customize to fit your workflow.

$27,950 USD

MSRP – part number: ZPY-R7

Zeplay R7 server
Zeplay Instant Replays Software
Custom control panel
1 year hardware warranty
1 year software updates
Limited Time: Free Commissioning and Training
(additional fee for international travel)

In Stock – Typically Ships In Two Business Days

Options We offer a variety of warranty options but customer support is always free

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Customer Support

We want every customer to love their Zeplay. That is why we are committed to offering free technical support
Email support
Forum Access
Business hours phone support

Software Updates

A software update contract is the easiest way to get the latest and greatest Zeplay features

*Price includes $100 autopay discount
Upgrade to the latest software today
Access all updates for next 12 months
Compatible with every Zeplay system
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Zeplay Care

Zeplay Care includes both software updates and hardware warranty for ultimate peace-of-mind

*Price includes $500 autopay discount
Upgrade to the latest software today
Access all updates for next 12 months
Worry-free hardware warranty included
Available for all new systems, and older systems after inspection
Buy three years, get one free
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