Zeplay Release Notes

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Zeplay Version:
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Last Updated:
June 2, 2015
November 20, 2018
Release Notes:

Bug 8209 | Outputs don't startup if you start recording with a file loaded in editor

-Resolved an issue that could lead to confusing behavior when restarting recording while controlling the editor.

Bug 8397 | ZEPLAY needs to delete log files periodically

-ZEPLAY now automatically deletes log files that are more than 30 days old.

Bug 8578 | Video Processing Engine can hang after cueing a Sequence

-Resolved an issue that would rarely lead to the system becoming unresponsive.

Bug 8848 | ZEPLAY sometimes drops frames while playing Sequences

-Resolved an issue that would cause ZEPLAY to drop frames a moment before the start of an item in a Sequence.

Bug 8923 | ZEPLAY retains old versions of Game file when it is auto-saved

-ZEPLAY now stores timestamped copies of the Game file every time it is auto-saved.

Bug 8969 | Storage check for 3ware RAID cards always times out

-Resolved an issue that was causing the storage validation to take longer than needed.

Bug 9014 | Sequence percentage display occasionally flickers

-Fixed an issue that was causing the Sequence's percentage indicator to flicker.

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