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March 21, 2013
November 20, 2018
Release Notes:

Bug 4981 | ZEPLAY can lock to LTC timecode

-ZEPLAY now supports the Miranda Little Red LTC reader.  If a Little Red is connected, ZEPLAY automatically uses it.

Bug 5197 | Improve Tbar Latch Mode

-The Tbar Latch mode now works correctly when changing controlled angles, and in a variety of other conditions.

Bug 5266 | 'aesebu' should be 'AES/EBU'

-ZEPLAY now represents AES/EBU in the user interface using the industry-standard casing and style.

Bug 5314 | Record button should say "Record" when it's not recording, "Recording" when it is.

-ZEPLAY's record button now makes a little more sense.  If recording is stopped, the button will now say "Record", which should help to prevent some confusion.

Bug 5965 | Remaining time in a sequence doesn't take transitions into account

-The time remaining in a sequence now correctly includes the transition length as well as the playback rates of all items.

Bug 6288 | ZEPLAY now uses version 4.0 of the Microsoft .Net framework

-The Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 Redistributable is required, the installer verifies that it is installed.

Bug 6398 | Resizing the Plays window can cause some of its buttons to be hidden

-Increased the minimum size of the Plays window, it's no longer possible to make some of the buttons disappear.

Bug 6503 | TrimInPointUp and TrimOutPointDown macro actions can cause a play's length to become negative

-Resolved an issue in the validation code that was allowing plays lengths to decrease to zero frames, and beyond!

Bug 6565 | User is able to resize Storyboard and Playbar windows

-We enabled resizing of the Playbar and Storyboard windows.  They can be adjusted width-wise to your heart’s content.  There is a small amount of height adjustment for the Playbar as well.

Bug 6578 | Demo Mode should be a button instead of a checkbox

-Demo mode is now started by clicking the [Start] button, which makes more sense.

Bug 6649 | ZEPLAY can Archive to ProRes422 (LT)

-ZEPLAY is now able to Archive to Apple ProRes422 (LT).

Bug 6652 | Progress bar in Export window does not go all the way to the end when Archiving

-Fixed an annoying issue that caused the Export windows progress bar to go most of the way to the end, but not quite finish.

Bug 6653 | Export window "stalls" for a few seconds between each item while Archiving

-Optimized the Archiving code to eliminate an unneeded pause between items.  This greatly reduces the time required to archive multiple clips.

Bug 6654 | Export window causes Playback to jump around when it is closed, regardless of if a Melt was played or not

-Fixed an issue that was causing Channel A's playback to jump back to the beginning of the game when the Export window was closed.

Bug 6655 | ZEPLAY can Import ProRes422 (LT) files

-HD ZEPLAY systems are now able to import Apple ProRes422 (LT) files for use in sequences.

Bug 6707 | Including a slash in a channel name will prevent ZEPLAY from archiving

-ZEPLAY now removes any invalid filename characters from the filename before trying to save the archive files.

Bug 6714 | Demo mode now allows .mov, .mxf and .mpg files to be selected

-Demo mode previously only allowed the selection of .avi files.  It now supports any media file format that ZEPLAY can play back.

Bug 6729 | Zeplay does not allow users to tag player #0

-ZEPLAY now allows tagging of player #0, #00, #001 and so on.  Previously, any leading zeros would be lost.


Bug 6828 | Zeplay can send messages to Carousel RDA

-ZEPLAY now includes macro actions that allow control over a Carousel system using RDA.


Bug 6968 | ZEPLAY now supports 4 channels of audio

-ZEPLAY now supports four channels (two pairs) of audio per video channel.  See the ZEPLAY manual for information regarding AES/EBU connections.

Bug 6983 | Shuttle mode replaced with fast-jog

-The loathed Shuttle mode on the ZEPLAY controller has been replaced with a fast-jog mode.  Holding Shift while jogging will greatly increase the speed.

Bug 7035 | Storyboard should show a text description of each item

-The storyboard now includes a text description of each item.

Bug 7162 | Run-time Intelligence using TrackerBird

-ZEPLAY now includes anonymous metric collection.  Users will be asked to participate on first run.


Bug 7241 | ZEPLAY sometimes fails to get unit status from ATTO raid controllers

-ZEPLAY now only reports degraded arrays when the array is degraded.

Bug 7255 | Macro actions to automate export operations

-Two new macro actions facilitate automatic archiving.

Bug 7263 | Add setting that can disable Switcher buttons

-There is now an option in the Controller preferences page that allows users to disable the built-in switcher.

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