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Last Updated:
June 2, 2015
November 20, 2018
Release Notes:

Bug 8310 | No number is automatically assigned to Sequences created via Melt

-Sequences created by the Melt function are now assigned a number just like any other sequence.

Bug 8378 | Archiving to a slow network location can cause a Video Processing Engine failure

-Substantially improved the reliability of Archiving to network shares.

Bug 8379 | Resulting clip from a Split operation has speed set to Preset:100% by default

-Split Clip now results in a new clip that is set to the same speed as the original clip.

Bug 8396 | Only two channels of audio are shown on Output preview windows

-The Output preview windows VU meters now show all four channels of audio.

Bug 8509 | Media access error makes ZEPLAY editor useless in some re-opened games

-Fixed an issue that was preventing some recorded assets from being usable in the editor window.

Bug 8664 | ZEPLAY installer needs to start Windows Audio and Windows Audio Endpoint Builder services

-The ZEPLAY installer now configures these services automatically.

Bug 8805 | Video Processing Engine can crash when using 720p video with System Sound output enabled in the Editor window

-Fixed an error that could lead to a crash when jogging within 720p content in the Editor window.

Bug 8807 | Editor preview audio sounds garbled in 720p

-Resolved an issue that was causing some audio samples to be dropped when playing 720p content in the Editor window.

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