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November 26, 2013
Release Notes:
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Bug 7437 | Crash when adding a play to a previously recorded Game

-Resolved an issue that could lead to a ZEPLAY crash

Bug 7542 | Sequence Manual Advance option has no effect

-Manual Advance now works as expected

Bug 7558 | Better error when files are incompatible

-The error message when a file can't be imported now includes a detailed explanation

Bug 7559 | Support for Importing ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 HQ files

-ZEPLAY can now import ProRes 422 and ProRes 422 HQ files, in addition to previously supported ProRes 422 LT.

Bug 7644 | Restarting recording extremely quickly can cause issues

-Restarting recording immediately after stopping recording now works as intended

Bug 7650 | Crash when tagging a player by number

-Resolved an issue that could cause the ZEPLAY application to crash when attempting to tag a play with an extremely long number, such as Home_#9999999999.

Bug 7691 | T-bar latch mode doesn't work as expected when pressing Save Play

-Fixed an issue that was causing the Tbar to remain in the Pending state after pressing Save Play.

Bug 7786 | Crash when trying to delete a corrupt game from Housekeeping

-ZEPLAY no longer crashes when deleting corrupt games from the Housekeeping screen.

Bug 7793 | T-bar is always controlling speed in Jump mode

-Jump mode now worked as intended.

Bug 7814 | ZEPLAY continually outputs audio while paused in 720p

-Fixed an issue that was causing ZEPLAY to repeat the same audio continuously while paused.

Bug 7815 | Frames are sometimes played out-of-order when performing non-blended slow motion

-Resolved an issue that was causing ZEPLAY to play frames in an incorrect order.  This issue was only present in interlaced resolutions, and when frame-blended slow motion was disabled.

Bug 7817 | Slow to respond to speed changes

-ZEPLAY is now much faster when changing playback speed

Bug 7897 | Stall when playing back sequences that contain items of various playback speeds

-Mixed-speed sequences now work as expected.

Bug 7898 | Crash when restarting recording while a clip is open in the editor

-Fixed a potential crash when restarting recording.

Bug 7899 | ZEPLAY continually 'cries wolf' regarding AES audio

-Disabled a warning message regarding unstable AES audio.

Bug 7903 | Installer is digitally signed

-The ZEPLAY installer is now digitally signed.

November 20, 2018