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April 21, 2014
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Bug 6132 | Add to Sequence automatically creates a sequence if none are selected

-It is not longer necessary to manually create a sequence before adding a play or file, one will be automatically created.

Bug 8083 | User is able to export an entire sequence

-A new Export button has been added to the Sequences screen.  Each of the selected sequences is exported to an individual file.

Bug 8084 | Sequences list is sortable by Name and Number columns

-The Sequences list is now sortable.

Bug 8085 | Storyboard shows name of selected Sequence

-The Storyboard now includes the name of the Sequence that it is showing.

Bug 8088 | ZEPLAY shows name of current Sequence or Play in Preview Window

-The on-screen preview windows now include the tags of the on-air play, or the name of the playing sequence.

Bug 8129 | New Messages UI provides central location for notifications

-Added a new form that shows progress of background operations such as exporting.

Bug 8130 | Export window uses more sensible default settings

-The Export window now defaults to the most commonly used selections: Selected Plays, Only good angles.

Bug 8131 | Sequences are auto-numbered

-Sequences are now automatically numbered starting at 900.

Bug 8135 | ZEPLAY allows user to specify whether or not a sequence item should have a preset rate

-Items in a Sequence can now be set to have no preset rate.  In this case, the item will play back at the current speed.  You can still specify a preset rate as well which works the same as in previous versions of ZEPLAY.

Bug 8136 | ZEPLAY can output editor audio via system sound output

-ZEPLAY now outputs the Editor's audio using the system sound output.  If your ZEPLAY doesn't have an audio output, a USB audio adapter or headset can be used.

Bug 8171 | Editor window is now resizable

-The Editor window can now be resized.

Bug 8177 | Exporting is now performed in the background

-Once an export operation is started the user is now able to use ZEPLAY normally while the Export operation progresses in the background.

November 20, 2018